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We are not just a display product selling company. We are a marketing and design company that both manufactures the very best displays; and we understand overall marketing and how to make it work for you. We know how to work with you and create an exhibit booth that will draw the attention of your preferred prospects and clients.

We were smart enough to know the message and how it is delivered is the most important part of trade show display participation. We invented the Flexi display to have the ability to not just be a back wall with signs, but to give our clients a real powerful selling opportunity. No other display gives you the broad selection of using any or all of these visual effects.

When you purchase your trade show display from us, you'll get our commitment to helping you have one of the most effective displays in a show, no matter how much more others have paid for their display.

What is a Flexi Display

Our company assembles the best displays that are available on the market. Using our modular technology to build your booth will allow you to customize the presence of your business at each of its marketing events. The system is so flexible that you only need one of them to attract clients at trade shows, recruit talent at job fairs, raise awareness at industry expos. The ability to adapt to the environment of each of your presentations is what makes our tradeshow displays the most powerful selling tools available, giving you the best opportunity to impress your audience.

The panels that compose our product are lightweight and virtually indestructible. Available in a variety of colors, they are each finished in a commercial grade, easy-to-clean, and damage resistant fabric, which offers the ability to easily make signage changes. Thus, our trade show displays are easy to transport and can survive throughout an entire history of marketing events. Companies that are smart enough to invest in FlexiDisplays enjoy long-lasting exhibits that can evolve alongside the changing businesses they represent.

FlexiDisplay Marketing is not just a product sales company, we are marketing and design firm. We have the experience to help you create a strong message and design for your tradeshow display. Our entire focus is on ensuring that the visual presentation of your company is compelling and speaks effectively to your audience. With our diverse set of experiences, we have come to understanding how to create displays that attract attention, create interest, and provide information and answers.

Our creative team will help you develop the perfect design and create a trade show display that will best present your marketing message with an impact that will make a difference.

Why a Flexi Display

The visual effects that are built into the FlexiDisplay are so powerful that they will inevitably draw the attention and interest of your audience. Our system has a number of features that will help you outdo competitors at trade shows, job fairs, expos, and other corporate events:

  • LCD TV Monitors - Make your display more interactive with electronics
  • Backlighting - Emphasize colors and words that will pull in your audience
  • 3-D Graphics - Improve your visual appearance with multi-level signage
  • Embedded Prize Wheels - Elevate the level of engagement at your booth
  • Rotating Signs - Catch the attention of people walking by your exhibit
  • Shelving Units - Complement your presentation with company memorabilia

Unlike almost all of the other products available, our trade show displays ease the entire presentation process. The characteristics of our materials allow for convenience in transportation, setup, takedown, and reconfiguration:

  • Portable - All materials and additional effects are extremely lightweight
  • Modular - Panels can be rearranged without compromising the display as a whole
  • Easy to Assemble - Only one person needed for setup and no tools are required
  • Velcro-friendly - Easily adapt information and graphics to different events

Maximize Success

There are many costs associated with exhibiting at trade shows:

  • Travel, lodging, and food
  • Fee for space
  • Necessary extras-e.g. carpet, trash cans, cleaning
  • Handouts and giveaways
  • Pre- and post-show marketing
  • Setup and breakdown
  • Cost of the booth

It's so important to consider the results you want out of the show. Now you must make sure you have a trade show booth appearance with an effective message that gives you credibility and major drawing power; all of which will make the other expenses a good investment.

Customers Love Their Flexi


"I am Chris Beady and I professionally assemble displays for trade show exhibitors at the Duke energy Convention Center in Cincinnati OH. In a typical day I assemble 15 or 20 different style displays. When I watched more

display being set up I was impressed and amazed how a display with a pre-assembled monitor & prize wheel & so many unique visual features could go together so easy and fast. I said to the company owner, 'Your display looks so good and you put it up in minutes. I hope these displays don't become too popular, they will put me out of business." - Chris Beady / Duke Energy Center

"We've worked with Marvin for years on employee awareness initiatives. We needed portable display for getting our employees; attention and he suggested a Flexi tabletop display with an embedded more

videos and powerpoint presentations that do a much better job than signs by themselves. He promised we would love the quality, durability and ease of use and he was right. Money well spent." - Mike Reyes / Altus AFB

"We originally came to Flexi Display for a display and some signage. What we ended up with was a display that was far more thought out and developed than we ever expected. We appreciate your tackling of more

theme development and the finished graphics to the degree that you did, I'm sure we will be able to use the graphics and the entire system for years to come. Now I understand the name of your company, as the display is very flexible." - Dan Molly / Molly Business Development Group

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